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Efficient and modular

FietsDock can be located under or above ground and offers a direct solution to an orderly street scene.

The facility utilizes the available space to the fullest. That means many bikes per m2.

FietsDock is modular and scalable from 100 bicycles and many more.

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Encourages people to use the bicycle

Good bicycle infrastructure, including safe and easy bike parking facilities, stimulates biking.

FietsDock is fully automated, the robot elevator parks the bicycle which means less human contact making it a safer parking solution and no risk in damage to the bike.

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Automated and thus fast

FietsDock is fully automated and is based on technologies that have been proven to work in the logistic sector.

The secured parking facility is unmanned and therefore the running costs are low.

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Multiple entrances

FietsDock is fully automated and utilizes multiple doors for entry for a fast process. When the machine is parking one locker in a matter of seconds, other doors can be opened, and many bikes can be parked and collected at the same time.

For all sorts of locations

FietsDock is suitable to all locations, ranging from shopping malls to train stations and from flats to office buildings. It can be executed in every possible design and material, for example in glass, wood or with green walls to blend in the environment. The locker and bicycle are linked to the owner. That means no theft.

Business model

Several business models are possible. From the establishment of the FietsDock facility to the management and operation with additional (hub-)services like bicycle sharing, bicycle repair, delivery and drop-off.

Would you like to learn more about what your business model could be? Or can we calculate a FietsDock facility at your location? Please inform us about the number of bicycles that have to be parked and the maximum height/depth/m2.

Current bicycle storage in The Netherlands, with double bicycle racks in cellars, is not always user friendly. Users have to go underground to park their bike, have to look for a free spot in the bike racks, and sometimes need to pull down a heavy double bike rack that does not fit every bike size. With FietsDock you don’t have to do any of this.

Automated bike parking with FietsDock is easier, safer and faster for the cyclist.

More compact and more efficient for the owner or government.

Parking bicycles becomes docking bicycles

FietsDock locations