What is FietsDock?

Bicycle docking is smart

Charging e-bikes and mobility hub

Besides parking your bicycle, it is also possible to charge your e-bike at FietsDock.

In addition, FietsDock can host several other hub-services, such as bicycle sharing, delivery and drop-off, and bicycle repair.

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Bicycle docking is safe

One bicycle per locker

FietsDock uses individual lockers for every type of bicycle. The locker also provides storage space for bags, rain gear and helmet.

You don’t have to worry about theft or damage and there’s 24/7 camera surveillance.

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Bicycle docking is simple

Automated and thus fast

FietsDock is valet-parking for your bicycle. You don’t need to search for a parking space for your bicycle because the system will do that for you.

FietsDock is fully automated and utilizes multiple doors for entry for a fast process.

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Open the locker

Scan your phone or FietsDock pass.

Park your bicycle

With basket, shopping bag or rain gear.


Close the door

Done! Searching for a spot is not necessary.


Park and pick up 24 hours per day.
Smart, safe and simple.

FietsDock locations