About FietsDock

Encourages use of the bicycle

Cycling not only contributes significantly to urban mobility, road safety and emission reductions, but also has positive impacts on the economy, social inclusion and health.

Worldwide the Netherlands has the highest bicycle use and provides the widest range of cycling know-how and infrastructure.

More and more e-bikes are sold. The average value of bicycles has risen in recent years. That’s why save and efficient bike parking becomes even more important.

The new bicycle parking

FietsDock is the solution. A new and innovative way to fast, simple and safe bicycle parking. Efficient and space-saving for the owner or the government.

By adding additional services and by making FietsDock a mobility hub, this Dutch innovation contributes to sustainable city logistics, an increase in bicycle usage leading to a healthier population and a decrease in the amount of traffic in the inner city leading to less pollution.

Mission FietsDock

It is our aim to offer bicycle parking and mobility solutions to cyclists, businesses and governments making it more attractive to choose the bicycle as a means of transport and deliver a positive contribution to a sustainable, healthy and clean society.

Parking bicycles becomes docking bicycles