How it works

Scan your FietsDock pass and the system will find your locker

Park your bicycle and close locker door

Locker only accessible to user, bicycle and shopping safe and dry

Park and pick up 24 hours per day

Measurement of locker:

2 m. (length) x 0,75 m. (width) x 1,25 m. (height)

About FietsDock

Good parking facilities for bicycles are needed

Many railway stations, city centers, shopping malls etc. have a bike parking problem. There is a lack of bicycle parking options. Not all modern bicycles fit in the current parking provided which can cause damage to bicycle. This challenge will be bigger in the near future because of mobility programs and the increase of the popularity of e-bikes.

Fully automatic locker facility

FietsDock is an innovative solution; a fully automatic locker facility. Its fast and easy to park all types of bikes. Safe and dry, it can also be used for storing shopping and to charge electric bikes.

Extended pilot Meijersplein Rotterdam

In 2017 the first FietsDock facility was realized at Meijersplein in Rotterdam as a result of a startup program. The panel on the starter program, sponsored by the local government of Rotterdam awarded FietsDock as the most innovative solution to the bicycle parking problem.


Noorder IJ- en Zeedijk 102
1505 HT Zaandam

Telephone: +31 (0)75 204 7316

FietsDock locations


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