Automated bike parking is an innovative way to park bicycles in a smart, safe, simple and fast manner. FietsDock is a modular designed bicycle parking facility with lockers and a robot elevator. FietsDock can be located underground or over ground.

Save and simple

It is very simple. The locker door opens with your phone or pass; place your bicycle in the locker, close the door and you’re done. The robot elevator will then allocate a vacant spot in the FietsDock to place the locker and will put a new, vacant locker behind the door ready for the next user. In the meantime, multiple users can simultaneously access multiple lockers, allowing multiple bicycles to be parked and picked up at the same time.

Benefit cycling by good bike infrastructure

Cycling improves the health, the local air quality and public space. In order to encourage the use of the bicycle good bike parking facilities are decisive. Easy parking is key and above all bike parking should be save especially for expensive bikes, e-bikes.

Bicycle docking is smart

Charging e-bikes and mobility hub

FietsDock facilitates various hub services like bicycle sharing, delivery, drop-off and it is possible to charge e-bikes.


Bicycle docking is safe

One bicycle per locker

Almost every type of bicycle, with or without basket, or e-bike can be placed in a locker. The locker can also be used to provide storage space for shopping, rain gear and helmet.

Bike docking is simple

Automated and thus fast

You won’t have to look for a parking spot, the FietsDock does it for you.


Open the locker

Scan your phone or FietsDock pass.

Park your bicycle

With basket, shopping bag or rain gear.


Close the door

Done! Searching for a spot is not necessary.


Park and pick up 24 hours per day.
Smart, safe and simple.

Parking bicycles becomes docking bicycles

FietsDock locations