Proof of concept

Early 2020, FietsDock was evaluated. Users are very satisfied and want to keep on using FietsDock.

Their most important motivations for this are safety, ease and 24/7 accessibility. Half of the bicycles using the FietsDock in Rotterdam are not ‘standard’, but e-bikes, bicycles with a basket or bicycles with another deviation, such as a wide handlebar.

Try it out for free

The township of Rotterdam designated a location next to the subway station at Meijersplein for a FietsDock to be tested in real life.

There are still several spots available. Request your free pass now. In exchange we ask you to share your experience with us.

User experiences

Mr. Sterenborg

FietsDock offers an approachable and high-quality way of bicycle parking. You don’t have to look for a parking spot. I like that my expensive bicycle and e-bike are safe. It is also convenient to leave wet rain gear in the locker instead of having to take them with me. Moreover, FietsDock is open 24/7.

Mr. Daum

The bicycle is safe and dry. It is also nice that it is automated, in that way you’re not dependent on anybody.

Mrs. Meisters

It is super easy and you can be reassured that your bicycle is safe.

Mevr. Wouters

Parking in FietsDock is ideal. It is fast, you don’t have to lock your bicycle, you just have to close the door. I don’t even have an expensive bicycle, but some time ago my bicycle got stolen at Meijersplein and I don’t want that to happen again.

Mevr. Lok

It is an easy system that feels safe. You don’t have to be scared that your expensive bicycle will get stolen.

FietsDock locations